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Welcome to Sage One Online Accounting, here we provide your with all relevant information about the various Sage Pastel accounting packages. A new business owner always ask me about what accounting system he needs to buy. Our advise will always be some version of Sage Pastel.

Featured: Sage Pastel Partner

Sage Pastel Partner is small enough for a growing business and will still be able assist you when it expands. The system allow multiple users and unlimited companies. You can allocate up to 20 users on this version. Each set of books can be kept separate each year.

The wonderful thing about this version of Sage Pastel Accounting is that you will be able to continuously upgrade it to your needs. Some of the many options to consider in the future or when while you purchase this package:

Bank Manager

This version can enable you to import your bank statement directly into Sage Pastel. All you need to do is allocate the ledger accounts. With its mapping function you can instruct the system to automatically allocate certain regular expenses or payments to a ledger account.

Bill of Materials

Apart from your normal stock items you can use the bill of materials to "build" any of the stock / inventory items using other part or components with that stock item. This model is perfect for manufacturing. The bill of material provide you with a complete audit trail of all stock.

Debtors Manager

Easily issue invoices with Sage Pastel Partner and be able to send this directly via email to your customer. You can issue the invoices simply by using normal general ledger codes or if you want keep track of stock items you can issue with the specific inventory. All you need to do is process payments received via bank or petty cash.

Thereafter you can send out the statements to each client to show outstanding amount. The system also add interest on client out of payment terms, with one button.

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We are currently members of the Institute of Accounting & Commerce & South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

Firstly because most accounting firms use this product and your records can easily be synchronised with that of your accountant. Secondly Sage Pastel Accounting is very user friendly and a new user will learn very quickly on it. In short you receive the following products. The entry level products can always upgraded to a bigger version in a later stage.

1. Sage Pastel my Business Online

For a small start-up business, perfect to do online tax invoices when you are out of office allot. This option was created for freelancers and small businesses.

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2. Sage Pastel my Business

For a small start-up business. The great thing about this product is that you do not need any accounting experience making this a applicable option for people who are not familiar with accounting.

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3. Sage Pastel Start-up Express

The more popular small business package. Only one user and opening of one company on the system. This is great product for small business owners to keep their finances on the right track so they can focus on running and expanding their businesses.

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4. Sage Pastel Express

The system I normally advise clients to use. You buy this product with one user license. Additional can be added later. You can also open various sets of books on this one system. One company can keep the books of every year separately. It also allows for basic stock control.

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5. Sage Pastel Partner

When a company grows the demand for certain accounting function increase as well. Sage Pastel Partner provide these additional functions.

- Bank manager (import your bank statements from your internet banking and thus minimum processing)
- Bills of material (for stock)
- Point of sale
- Project tracker (you will be able to keep track of sales or productivity of each employee)

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6. Sage Pastel Evolution
For a very large business with huge accounting demands. This very cost effective option is ideal for large businesses. This ERP software package is great for financial management for larger businesses, to make sure that the business keeps on expanding.

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